How to Register for ACH on NPOconnect: A Step-by-Step Guide

As a fundraiser, the challenges to expand your donor base, manage donations, and showcase your mission can be overwhelming. One solution to these common pain points is to leverage technology to make your job easier. Using ACH (Automated Clearing House) to receive donations through platforms like NPOconnect can help streamline the donation management process and receive funds faster so you can focus on other important tasks. 


NPOconnect is a platform designed specifically to empower nonprofits (read more about the NPOconnect features that help support fundraising efforts in this blog post). With features including donor data, analytics, and more, creating a profile on NPOconnect allows over 8 million potential donors to search for your nonprofit by name or by the cause you support.

What is ACH and Why is it Important for Nonprofits?

Implementing ACH allows you to receive donations faster when donors opt to make donations through workplace giving programs that use platforms like NPOconnect, a link on your website, or other donation methods. ACH could lead to an expansion of your donor base and an increase in donation frequency due to the seamless donation process. Handling checks or cash donations can become time-consuming, and the funds may not be available to you as quickly as ACH payments are. Signing up for ACH on NPOconnect will free up your time to focus on key goals and initiatives you’re working toward and, ultimately, make a greater impact on your nonprofit.

How to Register for ACH on NPOconnect

Starting your ACH registration on NPOconnect is simple. Here are seven easy steps to enroll in ACH to receive donations faster.

  1. Sign in to your NPOconnect account
    If you don’t have an account, here’s a step-by-step guide to sign up

  2. Navigate to Administration > Disbursement Information

  3. Click on Set Up Bank Information

  4. On this screen, provide the following information:
    • Bank Name – The full legal name of your bank.
    • Routing Number
    • Name on Bank Account – The organization’s name on the Account Statement. It should match the name on your banking documentation and the name on file with YourCause.
    • Account Type
    • Account Number
  5. Click Next

  6. Provide banking documentation to ensure the banking details are valid. You can submit any of the following:
    • Copy of a voided check
    • All pages of a bank statement
    • Letter from the bank on official letterhead – This must be signed by a bank representative and list the routing number, account number, and account holder name.
  7. Submit your documentation and banking details for review.

After documentation is submitted, the team will review and notify you of your status within 72 business hours via email.


Utilizing the ACH feature on NPOconnect streamlines your administrative operations, allowing your team to concentrate on what matters most–your organization’s mission. Automating part of the donation management process frees up time and resources to focus on projects that directly support your cause. Additionally, an improved donation process can attract a wider pool of donors, which can help increase potential funding opportunities. Using ACH on NPOconnect doesn’t just make your operations more efficient, it empowers your organization to drive change more effectively.


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