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We support global good, and that starts with your organization. The Blackbaud Giving Fund is a donor-advised fund that simplifies the process of receiving charitable gifts. Since 2020, we have ensured secure and efficient transfers to more than 195,000 nonprofits worldwide from corporate employees, individual fundraisers, global initiatives, or a ‘donate’ button on nonprofit’s websites totaling over $1.6 billion.

A Better Donor-Advised Fund

Beyond distributing all the funds directly to you, we offer resources to further support your organization. We issue receipts on your behalf, and the free NPOconnect® platform helps encourage ongoing donor communications, houses statistics and reports, offers ACH payments, and more so you can keep your good work going and know we’re here to support you and your mission.

NPOconnect® Resources 

  • To better understand the impacts of your organization’s outreach and volunteer-driven efforts, the user-friendly NPOconnect® allows you to analyze donor activity, access donation information, review trends, receive alerts, and access other valuable dashboard statistics.
  • Up to 8 million potential donors across America can find your organization by name or by the cause you support, enabling you to reach individuals beyond your boundaries.
  • With relationship management features, you can foster existing donor relationships and initiate new ones to further increase your visibility, while encouraging new and repeat donations and volunteers.
  • With our secure network, we prioritize safe transfers from donors directly to your organization.
  • To streamline and expedite receiving donations, you can opt for ACH payments to replace paper checks.
  • Each nonprofit on the NPOconnect® platform is thoroughly vetted to ensure its good standing, giving donors peace of mind that they are supporting a valuable and reputable organization.
  • We handle receipt distribution for every donation so you can get back to doing what matters.

We support global good, and that starts with you.

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