The Blackbaud Giving Fund is a 501(c)(3) donor-advised fund that disburses charitable donations from individuals and companies directly to nonprofit organizations around the world. With our secure donation platform, we offer a transparent, safe, and efficient giving experience. Together, we can make a lasting impact and advance the state of giving.

Since entering into our partnership with YourCause® in 2020 and JustGiving® in 2022, we have delivered over $1 billion to nonprofits around the world. Your donation is our top priority and together we can work towards positive change and making a difference in the communities you care most about. Working to advance the state of giving, we safely and quickly deliver donations to nonprofits using our secure network, no matter the donation size.

Nonprofit organizations can create a searchable profile on the free NPOconnect® platform from Blackbaud to communicate with current donors, increase visibility to over 8 million potential donors and benefit from features including dashboards, reporting, analytics, volunteer statistics, direct deposits, and more.

To enhance corporate social good initiatives, companies can encourage employees to donate a portion of their paycheck to a nonprofit of their choice. With our secure platform, we ensure all precautions are taken to safeguard donations and deliver them swiftly and securely to nonprofits.

Individuals can use our CSRconnect® to search for nonprofits or causes to support on the NPOconnect® platform. Each nonprofit on the platform is thoroughly vetted through our Dependable Diligence process which manages the eligibility of over 1.5 million organizations in the U.S. and meets 501(c)(3) Equivalency Determination international standards.

Benefits of The Blackbaud Giving Fund:

  • Security – Using our secure network, we ensure each donation is safely transferred from the donor to the nonprofit.
  • Swift distribution – Nonprofits receive donations quickly and can enroll in ACH payments for faster delivery.
  • Build relationships – Using NPOconnect®, nonprofits can communicate with current and potential donors to encourage ongoing support.
  • Data insights – View dashboards, analytics, track donations and volunteer data, and more using NPOconnect®.