Powering Positive Change: How Employee Giving and Company Match Programs Benefit Nonprofits

Corporate social responsibility efforts began to rise in popularity in the 1970s as the idea that businesses had an obligation to support society in addition to selling their goods or services. Today, CSR initiatives are a driving force in companies to engage and retain employees and customers. Companies are stepping up in a big way to support nonprofits through employee giving and company matching programs. Through these matching programs, companies are boosting the impact of each donation, often doubling the donation amount. With these programs, businesses have become powerful allies in helping drive positive change locally, nationally, and globally. 

Company match programs marry a few things together: engaging employees and giving back to communities, which creates a collective impact and enhances both the employee and the company’s contributions to their communities. It empowers both the employee and the company to identify what is important to them and support meaningful causes. Additionally, survey results show that 84% of respondents are more likely to donate to a nonprofit if their employer offers a matching gift program, further showcasing the importance of corporate match programs for nonprofits.

Why Employee Giving and Company Match Programs Matter for Nonprofits

With a company match program, an employee’s donation can almost double in some cases, granting an average of $1,120 per year per employee. Workplace giving allows employees to donate to a cause they care about, while company matching programs amplify the impact of those donations. This extra funding directly benefits nonprofits, enabling them to continue working toward their mission and making a positive change in their communities. Workplace giving is an integral part of a nonprofit’s well-rounded fundraising strategy.


Here are four ways nonprofits can leverage corporate giving and match programs

  1. SIGN UP. One of the most impactful ways to leverage corporate giving programs is to sign up for the platforms that connect donors with nonprofits, like NPOconnect. Having an active presence and ensuring your profile is up to date with accurate information will help donors see the positive impact your organization is having on the community. Many platforms offer benefits beyond connecting with donors, such as ACH payments to receive donations sooner, access to donor data, and more.
  2. COMMUNICATE. Nonprofits should communicate the direct impact that employee giving and company match programs have on their organization’s mission and the communities they serve. By creating a strong narrative around the importance of these programs, nonprofits can encourage increased participation and ultimately amplify their impact. Sharing success stories can help companies and employees understand the tangible difference their donations are making.
  3. CREATE EVENTS. Nonprofits can leverage corporate giving and match programs by creating volunteer events specifically tailored for companies that offer these programs to their employees. This provides opportunities for employees to engage with the nonprofit’s work firsthand and see the impact of their donations in action. By involving employees in volunteer activities, nonprofits can strengthen their relationship with the company and foster a sense of purpose and community within the workplace.
  4. PARTNER. Creating relationships with companies to encourage donations involves building connections and partnerships based on shared values and goals. Nonprofits can reach out to businesses in their local community or industry, highlighting their mission and impact. They can offer opportunities for companies to get involved through volunteer programs, sponsorships, or collaborative initiatives. By showing the mutual benefits of supporting the nonprofit’s cause, nonprofits can establish long-lasting relationships that inspire companies to donate and support their important work. Networking, attending industry events, and leveraging social media can also help build these relationships and encourage donations.

Employee giving and company match programs have emerged as powerful tools for creating positive change in communities. Partnerships between businesses and nonprofits provide vital funding and foster a sense of purpose and community within workplaces. The collaboration between companies and nonprofits exemplifies the collective power of individuals and organizations coming together to make a positive difference in the world.


For more information about NPOconnect or to sign up, visit https://nonprofit.yourcause.com/login/create-account

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