Getting Started with NPOconnect: A Simple Guide to Setting Up and Optimizing Your Profile


If you have questions about NPOconnect or want to expand your donor base and effectively manage your donations, we have answers! NPOconnect connects you with up to 8 million potential donors and is designed specifically for nonprofits to help reach fundraising goals and work toward their mission. By setting up your account and optimizing your profile, you can reach more donors and deepen their commitment to your cause. Here are seven easy steps to set up and optimize your profile on NPOconnect to make the most of this free resource. 


Seven Steps to Setting Up and Leveraging Your Free NPOconnect Account


  1. Sign Up

Visit and click “Sign Up.” After filling out the required fields, you’ll be prompted to confirm whether you have received a check from us. Input those details or click “Skip this step.” Next, click “Create account.” 


  1. Confirm Your Email Address

Look for an email from NPOconnect Nonprofit Platform and confirm your email within 24 hours to ensure the activation of your account. If you don’t see an email, first check your junk folder. If it’s not in that folder, go to and click “Resend account verification email.” 


  1. Claim Your Organization

Now that your account is set up, it’s time to locate and claim your organization. Log into NPOconnect with the email and password you created. Click “Claim my nonprofit” and provide details about your country and organization type, search for your organization, and verify your identity.


  1. Submit Proof of Identity Documentation

Once all the necessary information is in place, the final step is to submit your documentation (eg. a copy of a 990, employee badge, etc.) a full list of the required documents can be found here. After reviewing your information, click “Submit registration,” and our partner, YourCause from Blackbaud, will review your request. Once you receive confirmation from YourCause, your account will be active and ready to be shown to 8 million potential donors. 


  1. Complete Your Profile Information

Now it’s time to optimize your profile. Include your mission and vision, the need you address in the community, relevant data, and compelling testimonials. Be sure to add links to your website, social media, and newsletter signup page so donors can learn more about your cause and the vital resources you provide for the community. Your profile may be a donor’s first impression of you, so make it count!


  1. Manage Donations

Within your NPOconnect account, you can access a comprehensive dashboard to monitor donations, track donor activity, and analyze fundraising trends. Additionally, the platform offers tools to help you craft personalized communication with your donors, increasing donor engagement and retention. 


  1. Regular Profile Updates

Keeping your NPOconnect profile updated is crucial. Regularly adding new accomplishments or milestones, updating donation goals, and refreshing images will keep donors engaged and informed. They’ll appreciate your transparency and continual progress. Aim to update your page quarterly and consider seasonal or event-based updates to align with your fundraising campaigns so your profile remains a dynamic reflection of your mission.


Leveraging NPOconnect can take your nonprofit to new heights. Whether you’re struggling to showcase your cause or need help with donation management, NPOconnect can help because it’s more than a platform; it’s a catalyst for mission-driven success. Regular updates and strategic use of its features will only enhance your fundraising efforts. Now, you’re ready to embark on your NPOconnect journey and make a bigger impact in your community.


For more information about NPOconnect or to sign up, visit

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