Donor Engagement: Matt Nash on 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Engage with Current and Potential Donors

Nonprofits play a pivotal role in making positive change in communities, and that role often relies on donor support. To ensure success, it is essential that nonprofits engage and build meaningful relationships with donors to drive increased donor satisfaction, involvement, and retention. Matt Nash sat down with Stephen Halasnik of The Nonprofit MBA Podcast to discuss strategies nonprofits can use to better engage with current and potential donors.

Here are five takeaways from their conversation. Click here to listen to the full discussion.


  1. KNOW YOUR DONOR. The foundation of successful donor engagement is understanding your donors and why they behave in specific ways. The majority of donors are local to the nonprofit, which provides an immediate point of connection. Understanding donors enables organizations to tailor their approaches and build relationships based on a deep understanding of donor preferences and motivations. 
  2. PERSONALIZE COMMUNICATION. Understanding your donors allows nonprofits to design effective communication strategies that resonate with their audience on a personal level. Telling compelling stories that demonstrate how a donor’s support contributes to the cause helps donors connect emotionally with the nonprofit’s mission, leading to a dedicated, long-term supporter.  
  3. HELP DONORS UNDERSTAND YOUR MISSION. Nonprofits should take the time to educate donors about their mission and how they create a real impact. When donors understand the value of their contributions, it fosters a deeper relationship.  
  4. THANK DONORS AND ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR SUPPORT. Expressing gratitude to donors for their support is crucial. This not only reinforces their sense of purpose but also shows that their support makes a difference toward the nonprofit’s mission. 
  5. CREATE INVOLVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES.  Donor-nonprofit relationships should never feel transactional. Creating activities for donors to get involved helps donors feel a strong sense of connection to the community and with the nonprofit’s mission. 


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