The Blackbaud Giving Fund Supports America’s Commitment to Philanthropy, Disburses Over $682 Millions in Donations in 2022

Fund surpasses $1.6 billion lifetime disbursements as donation amounts grow

Charleston, S.C.The Blackbaud Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund that brings supporters and nonprofits together to advance the state of giving, announces the disbursement of over $682 million in charitable gifting in 2022 and a lifetime disbursement of over $1.6 billion. This reflects more than 8% increase in dollars granted compared to 2021, further showcasing donors’ commitment to supporting philanthropic impact locally and globally.

In 2022, The Blackbaud Giving Fund has safely disbursed funds from over 582,000 donors to more than 139,000 nonprofits in America and around the globe, making the Fund among the top ten largest donor-advised fund sponsors in America.

“The Fund exists to bring donors and nonprofits together with an efficient and secure donation process to power philanthropic efforts,” said Matt Nash, executive director of The Blackbaud Giving Fund. “The increase in average donation amounts shows us that people continue to value the work nonprofits do, so we will continue to support their efforts and prioritize safe and efficient disbursements to nonprofits.”

As one of the youngest donor-advised funds, The Blackbaud Giving Fund continues to offer safe and efficient transfers from donors to nonprofits to support global good. Offering nonprofits resources, including ACH payments, receipting, statistics, and reporting through the free NPOconnect platform, The Blackbaud Giving Fund seeks to offer valuable resources for nonprofits to help increase awareness and relationships with millions of potential donors. 

With donors selecting to support nonprofits in sectors including civil rights, education, human services, agriculture, health initiatives, arts, and more, The Blackbaud Giving Fund actively vets each nonprofit to determine its credibility and its standing with the IRS to ensure donors’ money supports the causes that are important to them. 

For more information about The Blackbaud Giving Fund, visit, or follow the organization on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for updates, news, and more. 

About The Blackbaud Giving Fund:

Facilitating over $1.6 billion in charitable contributions to more than 195,000 nonprofits worldwide since 2020, The Blackbaud Giving Fund brings supporters and nonprofits together to advance the state of giving. The fund simplifies the giving experience by offering companies and individuals a secure and efficient way to give to vetted nonprofits and delivers contributions directly to them. Beyond disbursing all funds quickly to nonprofits, the fund offers resources to organizations, including receipting, a donor communication platform, statistics, reports, ACH payments, and more. 

The Blackbaud Giving Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity and donor-advised fund sponsor that was organized and operates exclusively for charitable purposes. It is not controlled by and is not a program or activity of Blackbaud, Inc. The Blackbaud Giving Fund’s mission is to unleash generosity by connecting people to causes they care about around the world. 


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