Matt Nash on the Nonprofit Nation Podcast

In the philanthropic landscape, the influence of corporate matching programs cannot be overstated. With approximately 81% of Americans making charitable donations and 26 million individuals employed by companies offering match programs, there is significant potential for fundraisers to tap into this resource.

Want to reach younger donors? The average age of an American employee is 38, and 70% say they want to work for a company that has purpose.

These potential donors not only represent strength in numbers but also possess the ability to nearly double their contributions through company match programs.

Establishing relationships with local companies becomes crucial for fundraisers, as it opens avenues for ongoing support, volunteer engagement, and a wider network of community backers. The key lies in fostering meaningful connections with these donors, encouraging continuous support aligned with their passions, and increasing their involvement with the nonprofit.

This podcast episode aims to explore five essential engagement tactics for nonprofits looking to build lasting relationships with current and potential donors who have access to corporate match programs.