About The Blackbaud Giving Fund

The Blackbaud Giving Fund is a nonprofit organization that powers philanthropy by connecting donors and charities. We partner with technology platforms and manage a donor-advised fund to securely and efficiently receive donations from generous donors and deliver grants to charities making an impact around the world. Our charitable giving model focuses on the needs of donors and charities which allows us to maximize the impact of charitable giving.

The Blackbaud Giving Fund is an independent 501(c)(3) public charity that was organized and operates exclusively for charitable purposes. The Blackbaud Giving Fund is not controlled by and is not a program or activity of Blackbaud, Inc.

A Better Donor-Advised Fund

Distribution is our priority, regardless of donation amount.

We disburse funds quickly and efficiently to eligible designated charities regardless of donation amount.

Simple funding options.

Companies can opt to fund accounts for each payment distribution cycle or pre-fund to ensure quick delivery.

Donor input is key.

When we are unable to disburse a donation to a nonprofit, the donor is asked to advise so the gift can be sent to a different organization.

Confidence in our reliable vetting.

Nonprofits are verified through our Dependable Diligence vetting process, which meets US 501c3 Equivalency Determination standards. We have partners in other countries to maximize the number of vetted charities offered.

Timely tax receipts.

Tax receipts are generated when contributions are made, with consolidated reporting provided directly to donors. Recipient charities do not have to issue receipts.