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By partnering with technology platforms designed to power immediate charitable giving, The Blackbaud Giving Fund drives an immediate and powerful philanthropic impact both locally and globally.

The Blackbaud Giving Fund is leveraged by YourCause, a part of Blackbaud. YourCause is the leader in enterprise philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and employee engagement solutions.

YourCause is an innovative, flexible, and scalable software provider with a diverse customer portfolio known as the Global Good Network™. This community is comprised of hundreds of corporations and millions of employees in 170 countries, supporting and engaging with thousands of nonprofit organizations.

YourCause’s Transparent Giving Model

With YourCause, all donated funds are transferred directly to the charity intended to receive them, with no money taken out to support the company itself. While most giving platforms subtract a fraction of the user's contributions to cover fees or processing charges, YourCause makes sure that the causes to which their users contribute receive 100% of the gift intended for them.

YourCause Solutions

Top socially responsible companies partner with YourCause to manage their employee giving, volunteering, and grants programs by using CSRconnect™ and GrantsConnect™.


CSRconnect™, a philanthropic and corporate social responsibility platform, makes it easy for corporations to manage employee giving programs of all shapes and sizes. From year-round matching gifts program to annual pledge campaigns, or even a hybrid of the two, professionals are provided the tools to help engage all employees. Additionally, program management is easy and reliable with features such as payment distribution services, robust ad-hoc reporting tools, and configurable segmentation functionality.


GrantsConnect™, the grants management platform manages the full lifecycle of a grants program. The user-friendly functionality allows the grant managers to easily create and manage workflows, develop applications and forms, as well as pull ad-hoc reports. Built to be flexible, the platform is designed to support simple review to scored branched workflows.

YourCause + Blackbaud. Better Together.